Manuela Meiler-Ahlborn was born in 1972 in Lindau, on the shore of Lake Constance.

Barely twenty, she demonstrated her unusual creative potential in the early 1990s when she founded her own model and event agency. Her concisely conceived sets and costume designs and especially her breathtaking and brilliantly executed choreography raised the bar. With her faultless intuition for the Zeitgeist, her stagings started a trend that years later spurred a flood of so-called “casting shows.”

Manuela Meiler-Ahlborn’s first encounter with glass as a material and with one of its end products, Agate-glass, occurred in 2003. On first viewing Klaus Meiler’s works she was fascinated and inspired. What touched her most deeply and excited all of her senses was the elasticity of this material made visible, along with the obvious yet extraordinary transparence of the glass. Manuela Meiler-Ahlborn has been been the designer at MEILER GLAS since 2006.

In her quest to pursue and express her visions she is constantly on the lookout for new forms and materials, even when they lead her to challenging unknown territory.

Creativity is one of her strengths. She lives her creativity, and she lets it flow freely into MEILER GLAS.