Klaus Meiler, born 1957, now lives in the Starnberg “Five Lakes” region of Bavaria, south of Munich.

He completed his studies in mechanical engineering and launched his career working for one of the leading international firms in the automobile industry. He quickly was promoted into management, where he successfully led and coordinated the company’s international activities for a number of years.

A turning point in Meiler’s life came in 1997: that’s when he decided to follow his artistic ambitions and devote himself completely to a material that fascinated him: glass.

Many saw his decision as a leavetaking. For him it was a necessary step.

Klaus Meiler comes from a family of artists; he grew up in a creative milieu surrounded by artistic activities and awareness.
Through his intensive involvement with melting glass, shaping it, and adding to the fluid, living mass other transparent colors, he discovered his own power and medium of artistic expression.

Using his own and others’ designs and sketches, Meiler creates unique sculptures and architectural elements for interiors as well as complete interior designs for kitchens, bathrooms, spas, and wellness centers. His technical expertise particularly in materials, mold and die production, and various metal- and plastic-forming technologies—is an invaluable complement to his artistic vision.

Klaus Meiler is a creator, a visionary. Within a few short years he has gained recognition as an artist of international stature. His works have been shown at the Los Angeles Design Week, as well as in numerous exhibitions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He is represented in private collections, and is also a presence in public collections and spaces.